My trusty tools vs what now?

I heard many people saying

'Expensive tools are waste of money, I have the same thing that does the same job at a half of the cost'. 

Yes they are right, IF the objective is just about getting the job done, IF they only use the tool occasionally, or IF they never had a chance to try one. 

The difference is that you have to use and abuse your tools everyday, budget tools may not last and/or the efficiency of the work may not be as high as it could be. Even worse you may end up getting the carpenters elbow aka tennis elbow.

Therefore, I will be a cheeky bugger and explain the benefits of titanium hammers in this post, and yes because we are selling them, but most importantly because it's about safety and awareness. At the end of the day it's your body and you are the only person who can care for it for the long term. 


Steel vs Titanium

Traditional steel hammers are heavier than titanium hammers, which makes the you swing at a slower rate and use more energy to complete a swing. 

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Photo by DevVrat Jadon on Unsplash


With titanium hammers you will not get tired as quickly, compared to using a steel hammer, and because you can swing faster with less effort you can get work done faster. 


It is being said that titanium hammers can transfer 97% of the energy from a swing, but a steel hammer can only transfer 70% of it to a nail, so again work done more efficiently.


Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD)

Using a hand or a power tool severely can bring you WMSDs which are very common among tradesmen, general contractors, and other professionals. We can take precautions to reduce any chances of being affected by WMSDs. Switching to tools that transfer less vibration to the hand and skeletal system is a great way to protect yourself from the possibility of WMSDs.



Last, but not least

As a tradesperson, owning a good range of tools have better chances of leaving good impressions. 

Owning high quality tools, anyone could notice how serious you are about your career and also could increase the possibility of securing a job or work that you can gain experience from. 

And guess what, high quality tools usually last a lifetime and longer so it could be handed down to your kids in the future. How COOL is that!!!

There is nothing negative about owning high  quality expensive tools. It's just costly, just like owning a v8 for its growl, speed and power but with tools only pay once and it improves every aspect of your career almost instantly including both the performance and the health.

Think about the long run, and how far you want to advance regardless of your industry, good set up of high quality tools will get you wherever you want and they will definitely be worth the investment.



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