What is the right setup for YOU with Atlas 46?

We know it can be overwhelming process when making a decision which tool belt or vest to go for especially with Atlas 46, because there are so many choices such as different belts, vests, aprons, and also the addons.

A person like myself, will do a ton of research before spending any money (particularly for something that makes me think - do I really need this for this amount of money!?) and that's why I thought it may be a good idea to help you understand what Atlas 46 brings to the table.

Their products are so modular it's unbelievable, you can make a setup that works perfectly for you with just different placements of an addon like a pouch or a magnetic panel by putting it on LH, RH, up on the shoulder, on the chest, or even on your back if you are still in the physical state of teenager. 

At the end of the day, by investing in something little more costly whether it is a tool, vehicle, or even a property that is of high quality it will serve you a lifetime.

 Therefore, to help your decision making we have put together some review videos on Atlas 46 gears from Youtube which we thought are very informative and in-depth. 


Hope you enjoy these videos!


Rigid Tool Belt System Setup


JourneyMESH Chest Rig



Phoenix Pro-Flex Chest Rig 


Saratoga Vest



Stratos Open Core Tool Vest

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How long is the Stratos from shoulder to hip?


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