Caution For Hammers

Caution For Hickory Handled Hammers

Please remember that Hickory handle will eventually break if abused, and/or not cared for. 

Using this hammer as a pry bar reduces the life expectancy of the hickory handle, so please use a pry bar / nail puller if you find yourself in that situation! 

We try our best to help you with most issues, but we will not be able to cover any misuse or lack of care of the hammer. 

Thank you boy and gals, we appreciate your understanding! 



Nighthawk Framing Hammer (all editions unless otherwise specified):

We do not issue a written warranty form however, we do wish to assure our customers that we will always do our utmost to deal with reasonable faults or issues experienced with this product within 10 years of purchase.

Nail hammers are designed for use with common unhardened nails only. Any tool struck on the face, side, claws or handle with another hardened object will be considered misuse and will not be considered a reasonable fault or issue. 

General wear and tear is not considered a reasonable fault or issue and, in particular, rubber grips are expected to wear over time and will only be replaced at the discretion of Kinetic Customs. 

Repairs and replacements of tools are monitored and continued use of this service could potentially lead to future repairs being denied. 

In order to make use of this warranty, please email with details of the fault or issue along with any pictures and your original order number. Please note you may be asked to return your item for repair if necessary. Reasonable faults or issues will be accepted within 10 years of purchase providing proof of purchase (original order number) is provided. Any issue experienced outside of the 10 year cover will be dealt with at the discretion of Kinetic Customs.

Please note if a product or any part of a product has been upgraded or changed since your original purchase, we cannot guarantee that your warranty replacement or repair will be the original model and we may instead replace or repair it with the updated version of any product or part.