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Badger Tool Belts

[Badger] Left Hand Carpenter-Set Pouch Only

[Badger] Left Hand Carpenter-Set Pouch Only

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The Carpenter Set comes with two distinct configurations to meet your specific needs:

Tool Bag Configuration:

  • Tape pouch for easy access to your tape measure
  • Main pouch with 5 tool slots, including three along the inside back and two inside the front for efficient tool organization
  • Single outside lower pouch with a designated tool slot
  • Rear tool loop for additional tool storage
  • Pencil/utility combo up front with three small slots and a deep pocket to keep your essentials close at hand
  • The overall length is approximately 14", providing ample space for your tools.

Fastener Bag Configuration:

  • Features 3 elastic nail set slots in the tape pouch for quick access to your nail sets
  • A convenient speed square slot for easy storage and retrieval
  • Lower tool slot to accommodate various tools
  • Side-by-side outside pouches for additional tool organization
  • Slots in each fastener pouch to keep your fasteners neatly arranged
  • Reinforced bar slot on the underside of the bag to enhance durability
  • The overall length is approximately 14", ensuring you have enough room for your fastening tools and accessories.

The Carpenter Set is designed to make your work more efficient and organized, whether you're a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast.

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