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PRL 400 Parallel Clamp

PRL 400 Parallel Clamp

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PRL 400 Parallel Clamp

from 60cm and longer, the shipping cost is set case by case. 
Please enquire first before making a purchase. 

Piher Fabrication & Design Guarantee

7 Steel Axis for Bar parallel alignment.
Bar 18 x 7 mm.
MAXIMUM PRESSURE 400kg(880lb).
Fiberglass reinforced nylon covered parallel jaws.
MM Model inside.
Malleable cast iron jaws.
Reversible jaws.
Non slip plastic protection caps.
Table support accessory.
Ergonomic beech wood handle.
Trapezoidal threaded screw.
Zinc coated guaged steel bar.
Nonslip brake on moving jaw.
Especially recommended for woodworking.

  Description                                                       Weight

 PIHER CLAMP PRL400 kg.15 cm.                       0.8050 Kg
 PIHER CLAMP PRL400 kg. 30 cm.                      0.9500 Kg
 PIHER CLAMP PRL400 kg. 60 cm.                      1.2450 Kg
 PIHER CLAMP PRL400 kg. 80 cm.                      1.4530 Kg
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