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Vessel 220USB-P1 Ball Grip Electric Driver Plus USB Charge 3 Speed and Torque

Vessel 220USB-P1 Ball Grip Electric Driver Plus USB Charge 3 Speed and Torque

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This product is a versatile ball grip type electric screwdriver that offers three rotation/torque modes in one body. It can be used as a motor for fast tightening and as a manual screwdriver for tightening. The screwdriver is equipped with a switch for forward and reverse rotation, an LED light for visibility, and a USB port for easy charging. It is suitable for a variety of tasks including electrical/equipment work, panel assembly, equipment/device maintenance, car/motorcycle maintenance, and DIY projects.

Product Specification

The screwdriver offers three rotation/torque modes:

[Low] 280 rpm/1.2 N-m,
[Medium] 340 rpm/1.6 N-m,
and [High] 400 rpm/2.0 N-m.

The maximum endurance torque when hand-turned is 12 N-m. The grip length is 147mm and the grip diameter is ø45mm. The weight of the screwdriver is 170g and it features a 6.35mm aluminum sleeve chuck.

The charging time is approximately 60 minutes and the charging frequency is approximately 500 times. The screwdriver uses a USB-typeC for charging. The product comes with a (+)2 x 100mm bit and a 1m USB charging cable. The product is manufactured in Japan.


Please be sure to read the instruction manual before using the screwdriver. Be careful of short circuit and electric shock when working with electricity. Overloading may cause damage to the screws or injury. Keep this product away from children. When recharging, use the included recharging cable. Please note that the USB Type-C to Type-C cable is not compatible and it may not be possible to charge the battery using a USB cable other than the supplied one. Also, this product is not compatible with quick chargers (high wattage products).


Leaflet(1.26 MB )

Instruction Manual(4.14 MB )

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